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Auto Update Guide

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Ever wondered how to keep up with news about JAUWS without actually having to look at the site or hope that spam filters didn’t block the email news letter? Welcome to the bright future of the RSS feed!

So how can you use an RSS feed in your everyday life?

  • By adding Feeds jauws to your friends list on LiveJournal. All future updates then show up in your friends page automatically.
  • If you’re a FireFox user click here, for a live bookmark guide.
  • If you have a GMail account you can add the feed to your google account with this button Add to Google
  • If you have a Yahoo account you can add the feed to your My Yahoo! page with this button Add to My Yahoo!
  • Or adding this feed to your RSS reader of choice!
    If you’re not sure which one to try check out RSS Owl

For FireFox users you can add the the feed to a live bookmark which keeps tabs on the site with a nifty little button! So here’s a quick and simple way to add JAUWS to your live bookmarks list.

  1. Go to the JAUWS front page.
    go to the url
  2. Look on the right of the address bar for the orange RSS button.
    Look for this button
  3. Click the button and you should see a box like this appear:
    Click the orange button
    Click “OK”.
  4. Then you should see something like this on your bookmarks toolbar (below the address bar).
    menu item
  5. Then just click on it to see the latest news items! Click on any of them to read the article.
    All done!
  6. All done! Now you can check the site for updates at a glance without need for opening a new page!

That’s it for the feed guide! If you think this guide could be improved head over to the “contact us” page and tell us about it!
Share and enjoy!