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Club Information

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What is JAUWS?

Japanese Animation UWS (A.K.A. JAUWS) is an anime society based at UWS Penrith Campus. What we do is run weekly screenings during semester time, as well as several other kinds of events. Such as, marathons, gaming days and other things that don’t involve looking at a glowing surface in a darkened lecture hall. Much fun is had by all.

Where can I join?

Just come along to any event or screening we’re holding and talk to one of our friendly executives (contrary to popular belief they don’t bite and are friendly like WHOAH). Membership for the year costs $5. FIVE DOLLARS! That’s a lot cheaper than going to see a movie or renting a few videos, and membership allows you to get into all of our screenings and events. Membership is open to anyone- you DO NOT have to be a UWS student to join.

Is there anything else?

Yes there is, we have an IRC channel (#jauws on and a forum, if you’d like to go out and meet other members online, or discuss the latest happenings. IRC Novice Guide HERE. (most of our conversations and organization of spur of the moment events (movies, arcade runs, random gaming sessions) occur on IRC so i highly encourage every¬† one to join so you don’t miss out.