JAUWS O-Week Stall 2012

Posted on Sunday 26 February 2012

Hey all, welcome to 2012 and the first semester of the uni year. We will be having a information stall set up on kingswood campus on monday tuesday wednesday and thursday of this week (27/02 - 01/03) near K block. You should all come check us out and sign up for the club if you are interisted! We hope to have some games running on laptops or consoles and some anime runing on a laptop as well, there will likley be PSPs and PSVs hanging around if any one wants to join in a game. If your a prospetive member you should swing by and we can give you a run down on what we do and when we do things, if your a returning member, swing by, hang out, and catch up! Its been a few months and we would love to see you all again!

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Animania 2011 Summation

Posted on Tuesday 20 September 2011

That brings the last con of the season to a close - first the obligatory thanks to all those who visited us throughout the day at the (less than packed) Redfern ATP centre!

The day brought many a fine customers and people to chat to, here is a summation of the experience as according to our staffers!

- Sean

 Even though it was quieter than some of the other conventions, the people who were there really made it worthwhile. Much whackiness occurs when you walk around in costume, too. It’s like a magnet for madness. Elegant lolitas stealing my swords, twintail tsundere’s telling me what to do… couldn’t ask for more from a convention
- Sam


  Animania was good overall, six and a half pork rolls
- Wesley


- Jana


Comment Pending
- Tyler


Comment Pending
- Jessica

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JAUWS 2011 Semester 2 Screenings

Posted on Thursday 8 September 2011

Hi People!

It’s fresh new year and we have a line up for 1st semester scree…..wait a minute, it’s semester 2 already. What happened to semester 1? Did it just not exist? There was nothing on the site about anything! How horrible.

Personally I blame it on the Pirates, anyone got a spare Ninja patrol…squad…flock…gaggle? - what do you call a group of ninjas working together?

Ok what you’re here for, Screenings - it is at the following temporal and spatial locations:-

Monday: 2pm - 6pm - P.G. 35 (unoffical)
Tuesday: 3pm - 6pm - P.G. 34
Thursday: 1pm - 4pm - P.G. 35 (unoffical)

The series page shall be updated to reflect what we’re watching in due course (look out for it next year!).

In other news - Animania is but 2 weeks away and our presence shall be felt allllllll the way back in the corner of the hall near the Chibi stage. I would suggest you come visit, have a chat and just in general loiter. Loitering is encouraged. Only requirement is that you bring references to obscure jokes such that we may all chuckle knowingly.

See you there (actually you won’t see me, I work :()
Have fun!

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JAUWS 2010 round off, 2011 Startup

Posted on Monday 14 March 2011

Welcome one and all.

I’ve finally got around to updating the website.

2010 was a fairly good year for JAUWS. We managed to get a few games days in and had some great series screening that every one enjoyed, which was great to see. Conventions treated us kindly and kept us in the green and we got quite a number of great new badge designs thanks to the awesome art skillz of ben.

This year we have a new exec lineup.

  • Wesley (JollyLemon) is returning this year and continuing his role as an exec.
  • Jessica (Friz) is joining us for the first time in an exec capacity. Her mastery of the subtle arts of badge craftsmanship is a much welcome addition to the exec team.
  • Sam (Arraxis) is also joining us, fresh of the ranks of new members (well he joined us last year) and is another welcome addition to the exec team.
  • Returning once again as our events manager is Matt (Sevion).
  • And finally there is myself Sean (Anim3Fr33K) remaining as the Grand Evil Overlord! (president) WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

We extend a warm welcome to all our new members, and all you people out there not sure whether or not to join, you total should, carpe diem. I look forward to spending another great year with you all and getting to know all the new members!

If you ever have any questions about the club our activities or anything in general feel free to send me an e-mail @ president@jauws.org or join our irc channel irc.rizon.net #jauws (click here for a tutorial) and speak to one of the execs or my self(screen names given above after real names).

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2010.2 Screenings!!!

Posted on Sunday 1 August 2010

Due to some unfortunate delays Tuesday Screenings will start on the 17th of August. Thursday Screenings will start 12th of August. Here is a LINK to a map of the Kingswood campus if your not familiar with it.

Room: P 1.24
Time: 3:00-6:00
Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Planetes, Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team/0083 Stardust Memory

Room: XA.G.23
Time: 12:00-3:00
Anime: Angel Beats, Sengoku Basara Season 2, Highschool of the Dead

Click on the anime names to get more information on them. In the event we finish a series early on Thursday we will continue to screen Fairy Tail starting from the Phantom Lord arc. If you haven’t seen Sengoku Basara season 1 Madman is releasing it on DVD and Blu Ray. Speak to me(Sean) in screenings and ill point you in the right direction.

Check that line up people, some fantastic and epic anime there, so get your butts to screenings! Looking forward to seeing many of you there! SPIN ON!

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